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Linux expert

We are looking for a Linux system expert for a project in the automotive sector. The ideal candidate has extensive Linux knowledge, especially related to networking, security, virtualization and containers.

In this project you will lead a defined and strategic area of technical expertise with high degree of autonomy, considering business and customer dimensions. Scope is global, strategic and long-term. Scope is not limited to specific product projects, work from a broader perspective. Deliveries consider entire lifecycle of development with active participation in feasibility and early concept investigations. Dependent on networking across the organization. Dependencies and networking include external collaboration and strategic partnership as well as participation in standardization committees and relevant national/ international organizations/forums.

You will develop acquired competence, as well as participate in business development. Develop and secure required competences within the company in a defined, top-critical and strategic technology area. Coach team members in architectural principles and strategies. Take an active part in the long term development of the complete system. Take part in defining solution intent for all aspects. Responsible to develop platform , system architecture and technical strategies and roadmaps. Lead continuous improvement actions. Coordinate system leader concept investigation and monitor the progress until the final delivery. Approve EE system related changes and endorse strategies for EE systems.

The ideal candidate is familiar with Ethernet networks as well as the TCP/IP protocol stack. You should be familiar with common security technologies used on IP networks such as TLS, IPSEC and VPNs and be able to describe the difference between an IP Subnetwork and an Ethernet VLAN. Additional expertise in Bluetooth and mobile networks such as 3G, LTE and 5G will be preferred.

It is meritorious if the candidates have experience with automotive operating systems just as AutoSAR Classic and AutoSAR Adaptive, as well as automotive communication technologies such as CAN, LIN and SOME/IP. A technical interview and reference check will be preformed.

Start: Mid August
End: 04/2024
Location: Göteborg

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