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Cloud Security Architect

We're looking for a Cloud Security Architect / Product Security Architect for a client in the language learning sector.

Required skills:
-AWS Security & Architecture Skills (AWS certifications like certified solution architect & security specialty)
-Communication (English fully proficient, structured comms (why, what, how) and on point (brief, yet specific), no buzzword bingo, actionable)
-Analytical thinking (quickly understand architectures, endeavors, etc. and being able to ask the right questions to get to the relevant security aspects of it)
-Reasoning (being able to communicate why something is needed, what’s in it for the stakeholders)
-Security Measures (know different security measures for common security challenges with pros and cons and how to implement them)
-Terraform & GitHub knowledge
-Experience in AppSec (esp. SAST - Static Application Security Testing)

Starting Date: asap
Duration: Longer project, contracts are made 3 months at a time
Location: remote (bonus: in Berlin and could be in the office sometimes)
Language: English (fully proficient), bonuspoints from German skills
Utilization: 100%

More info (EN / FI)

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